Bay Area Driving School is hoping you are home and safe while the virus runs it's course.
We will continue to follow Goose Creek ISD's lead as to when classes will resume. 

We do offer ONLINE Driver's Education for both Teens and Adults,
as well as online Defensive Driving. 

Our office is also closed, but feel free to use the "Contact Us" link above and send us an email so we can answer any questions you may have.

Bay Area Driving School wishes you all the best and we thank you for your loyalty!

Hours of Operation

​​Monday-Thursday: 2:30-7:30
Friday: 2:30-6:30
Saturday:  Closed
​Sunday:  Closed

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Online Parent-Taught
Teen Driver's Education

We feel that face-to-face instruction is the best, however, when you need more flexibility, we have you covered!

Texas Teen Parent Taught Driver's Education​​​​

Online:  $79​​
Optional CD: $10
Optional Textbook:  $55

You will recieve:​​​​

Part 1:  Driver's Education
Part 2:  Parent Taught Behind the Wheel

Both at a low price and with a program that will help you as a parent feel secure in teaching your teen driver.

Register Today!

Our Program Is:

...less than 10 Pages to print- you do not need to print 1,000s of papers to do this program

...state approved and uses certified instructors only

Everything you need is included with our Online Program

National Driver Training is the nation's premier program and we were the 1st to receive formal aproval from any state, including Texxas.  We're the 1st parent taught, computer based, home study driver's education program to be approved.


It's SUPER EASY!  Just follow the steps:

1.  Enroll in Course 102:  Takes less than 2 minutes.
2.  Register with DPS:  Takes less than 2 minutes. The fee for DPS is 20.00, which is not included.  You will only have to pay once.
3.  Get your permit:  Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 and you receive your DPS registration packet (about 2 weeks), login to and enter your new user ID and pass code.
4.  Answer the 3 questions after competing the first six hours of study which includes the Texas State Hand Book, 1st part of  Course 102 and our free Texas permit practice test(s).  Then print your Permit Packet for the DPS. 
5.  The Permit Packet is completely fillled out with your student's name and address, DL 91A, Proof of Registration Certificate, and your Affidavit of Enrollment into Course 102.  You will need to complete a VOE (Verification of Enrollment from your student's school).
THAT'S IT!  Now your student is ready for the Texas Permit Test!