How to Register

So, you are ready for your license?  Are you at least 15 years of age?  If so, YOU ARE READY!
Look below to see what you need to do!
Teen Driver's Class
Cost Breakdown
  1. 1. Bring a Parent
    Bring your parent/guardian into Bay Area Driving School so they can fill out the appropriate forms and pay the deposit.
  2. 2. Social Security Card
    You must have an original Social Security Card to register.
  3. 3. Birth Certificate
    Bring your original, or certified, birth certificate.
  4. 4.Deposit
    Bring a $100 (cash, check or *credit) to save your spot in the class you are registering for. The balance of $279 is due by the last day of class. Spots are on a fist come, first serve basis, the deposit holds your place in class. *A 5% fee is charged for credit card purchases.
  5. 5. Behind the Wheel
    After the paperwork is done you will choose if you want to drive on Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tue/Thurs. The times on each set of days are limited, so get yours early so you can choose.
  6. 6. Class Day
    Arrive early with something to write with and something to write on. Understand that cell phones will not be used during class, so they will need to be in your pocket/purse/backpack at all times. We want you to be alert to all that goes on in the classroom, so we keep distractions at a minimum.