Bay Area Driving School is hoping you are home and safe while the virus runs it's course.
We will continue to follow Goose Creek ISD's lead as to when classes will resume. 

We do offer ONLINE Driver's Education for both Teens and Adults,
as well as online Defensive Driving. 

Our office is also closed, but feel free to use the "Contact Us" link above and send us an email so we can answer any questions you may have.

Bay Area Driving School wishes you all the best and we thank you for your loyalty!

Hours of Operation

​​Monday-Thursday: 2:30-7:30
Friday: 2:30-6:30
Saturday:  Closed
​Sunday:  Closed

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Permit Instructions

So, you passed your permit test and you need to know what to do?  Follow the instructions below:
The Permit Test
Getting your Permit
After you have passed your Permit Test, you will be ready to go to the DPS for your eye exam and Permit photo.  You must follow the instructions below in order to obtain the Permit from the DPS.  Failure to follow instructions could prevent you from starting Behind the Wheen on time.  

See what you will need to bring with you to the DPS office below:

You must first take the Permit Test at Bay Area Driving School with the classroom instructor.  If you pass the test, then it is time to get your permit!

What to bring with you to the DPS Office:

  1. 1. Verification of Enrollment
    Receive your V.O.E. from the front office of the school you attend. You must be enrolled in school to receive a Texas State Permit to drive. Fill the form out and turn it back in to the school office. They normally will have the form ready the following day. *A V.O.E. is only good for 30 days, 90 in the summer.
  2. 2. Birth Certificate
    The birth certificate must be an original or state certified.
  3. 3. Social Security Card
    An Original Social Security Card is mandatory, no copies allowed.
  4. 4. Application
    You will receive the Application from Bay Area Driving School. Do NOT sign, nor allow your parent to sign this until you are in front of the DPS Clerk. If you bring it to them signed they will nullify the Application for Permit.
  5. 5. DE964 Form
    You will receive this form from the Bay Area Driving School office after you have passed your permit test.
  6. 6. $16.00 Fee
    This fee is for the DPS office to grant you the permit.
  1. 7. School ID or Report Card
    You must provide a form of identification through your school ID or Report Card.
  2. 8. *2 Proofs of Residency
    You must provide two forms of Proof of Residency. This must be in the name of the parent/guardian who brings you to the DPS office. They will not accept it if the bill is in an absent parent's name. There are certain things they will accept for proof. A few basics are: home lease, cable bill, landline bill, water bill, electric bill, gas bill, voter registration card **They will not accept a cell phone bill.**