Bay Area Driving School is hoping you are home and safe while the virus runs it's course.
We will continue to follow Goose Creek ISD's lead as to when classes will resume. 

We do offer ONLINE Driver's Education for both Teens and Adults,
as well as online Defensive Driving. 

Our office is also closed, but feel free to use the "Contact Us" link above and send us an email so we can answer any questions you may have.

Bay Area Driving School wishes you all the best and we thank you for your loyalty!

Hours of Operation

​​Monday-Thursday: 2:30-7:30
Friday: 2:30-6:30
Saturday:  Closed
​Sunday:  Closed

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Steps to Getting Your Driver's License

So, you have had your Permit for    months and finished your 30 Hour Log Sheet, now what?
Are You Ready to Get Your License?
If you answered YES to these two questions, then
you are ready to go! 
But wait...
There are some specific items you must bring with you to the DPS office in order to get your license.  Please pay close attention to those items.  IF you don't bring each one, they will NOT issue you a license.

Have you had your permit for 6 months? 

Have you completed your 30 Hour Log Sheet?  

  1. 1. Your Permit
    You MUST have had your permit for AT LEAST 6 months prior to your appointment with the DPS, unless you turn 18 prior to that time period.
  2. 2. The 30 Hour Log Sheet
    You must have all 30 hours logged correctly on the 30 Hour Log Sheet or they will not issue your license. Your parent will need to come into Bay Area Driving school with the 30 Hour Log sheet in order to receive your DE964 that you will take with you to the DPS office.
  3. 3. Schedule Driving Test
    You will need to schedule your Driving Test with the D.P.S. office at least 6 weeks prior to being eligible to take your test. The D.P.S. is swamped with appointments, so the sooner you book one with them the more likely you are to have the appointment once you become eligible.
  4. 4. Distractions Video
    Follow these instructions to watch the 2 hour video on distractions. 1. Click on the link: 2. Register as a new user and use the code: C0050 3. Print out certificate showing completion of the course. 4. Have Parent or Guardian sign as the instructor. *CERTIFICATE IS ONLY GOOD FOR 90 DAYS*
  5. 5. Verification of Enrollment
    Go to your school and get a V.O.E. from the main office of your school. **VOE IS ONLY GOOD FOR 30 DAYS! (90 days if during the summer.)
  6. 6. Vehicle
    You will need a car or truck that will pass inspeciton. -Brake lights -Headlights -Blinkers -Brakes -Horn -Etc. The DPS Officer can issue tickets for these non-working components.
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