Defensive Driving

6 Hour Driver's Safety Course

Whether you have gotten a ticket or need an insurance discount, we have you covered through our 6-Hour Driver's Safety Defensive Driving Course!  

With this program:

  • Ticket Dismisal
  • Insurance Reduction
  • Lowest Price Allowed by Law
  • Certificate Mailed from Austin, TX
  • Same day processing of your certiicate.  In most cases you can get your certificate in 1, 2, or 3 days straight to your mailbox!


6-Hour Driver Safety Course

Only $25.00!

  • No Notary needed, identity verification is all done online. 
  • There is nothing to print. 
  • Free retests.

Get Started

3 Super Easy

Step 1:  Sign up- takes less than three minutes.

Step 2:  Complete Program

Step 3:  Obtain Certificate

Whether your need is court-ordered defensive driving or insurance purposes, we are here to offer you a flexible program that will fit anyone's schedule.